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Crush Your Beverage Service With Hoshizaki's 8 Types of Ice

Today we break down the 8 different types of ice Hoshizaki ice machines can offer your foodservice needs.

November 03, 2022     4 minute read

The ice in a cocktail or alcohol-free drink has a major impact on its flavor and refreshment capability as well as customer appeal. Deciding which shapes and forms to use is important for operators, given the vital role that beverage sales and profits play during recovery. Regardless of whether your foodservice operation involves a hospital, school, hotel, or café, your operation needs the proper tools for proper service! Today we break down the eight distinctive types of ice Hoshizaki provides for optimizing on-trend beverages.

KMEdge Crescent Ice

KMEdge Crescent Cube

Hoshizaki’s signature crescent-shaped, individual, solid, clear cubes have a high surface area for rapid chilling and low dilution. In addition, this shape displaces more liquid than grid-cell ice cubes, encouraging higher beverage profitability. Perfect for many cocktails as well as tea, fruit juices and iced coffees.


Cubelet Ice

Cubelet Ice

Hoshizaki offers three sizes of chewable, soft, nugget-shaped cubelet ice as well as a soft cubelet with a mini nugget shape. They all chill rapidly, displace liquid well and absorb beverage flavors, which makes them a hit with fountain drink enthusiasts. Cubelet ice machines paired with beverage dispensers are practical for high-volume service in restaurants and c-stores. At the bar, cubelet ice shines in ice-forward items such as mint juleps, Moscow mules and tiki cocktails.


Soft Cubelet Ice

Soft Cubelet

These soft cubelets are soft enough to soak up drink flavors for long lasting enjoyment. Thanks to its quick chill time and fan favoritism, cubelet ice is ideal for a multitude of markets such as restaurants, convenience stores, offices, and healthcare.


Flaked Ice

Flaked Ice- Oysters, focused on ice

Hoshizaki flaked ice is dry and cools quickly. It molds to any shape for convenient use in seafood displays, salad bars and produce displays. It has
a much lower production cost than larger forms of ice.


Sphere Ice


Also optically alluring is Hoshizaki’s unique solid, clear, 1.8-inch diameter sphere ice. A smidgen bigger than a golf ball, it commands attention with a dram of spirits in a rocks glass or stacked in a Collins glass in a craft libation.


1x1 Ice

IM Large Square- Pellegrino Cocktail 2

Perfectly versatile, the 1by1 cube is great for shaking, stirring, and serving all types of beverages from tea to whiskey.


2x2 Ice

2by2 Square Cube-1

Hoshizaki’s showstopping 2-inch-square cube, new in 2021, delivers peak visual appeal. Show off one of these beauties in an Old Fashioned or Negroni, or with a pour of top-shelf spirits, to deliver a standout signature drink.


AM Top Hat Ice

AM Ice

Hoshizaki’s distinctive top hat-shaped cubes are round, solid and clear. They too have a high surface area to chill rapidly with low dilution. A great choice for long cocktails and punches.

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