The July 2022 Sam Tell Spotlight Is Here

Published July 26, 2022

Sam Tell isn't just the one-stop shop for all the foodservice supplies and equipment a restaurant needs. It's also your source for insights into the restaurant industry. 

We shine the spotlight on a handful of Sam Tell clients to celebrate their success and share what makes them special in our seasonal roundup. Take a look at this season's selections below: 

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Configuring Your Refrigerator: How to Make Your Fridge Work for You

Published July 06, 2022 in Featured

Continental loves to customize – they work with consultants and designers every day, and customizing refrigerators to meet specific design requirements is their bread and butter. Here are just some of the ways you can configure your Continental refrigerator to your unique needs:

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The Sheer Details: Rolled Edge vs. Sheer Rim Glass

Published June 23, 2022 in Featured

New York City restaurants have a lot riding on first impressions. And when it comes to cocktail glasses, it’s best to put your best rim forward. 

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Slice and Dice with Our Favorite Vollrath® Prep Tools

Published June 08, 2022 in Featured

When it comes to prepping for service, chefs know that time is of the essence. And in small New York City kitchens, prep space is hard to come by. That’s why our skilled kitchen supply consultants love recommending Vollrath food prep tools. These food prep tools save time and space slicing, dicing, cubing, and wedging with just a quick pull of a handle. And while you can find many iterations of these tools in kitchens across NYC, Vollrath’s prep tools are the premium product. Vollrath thinks of everything: the ease of use, simplicity of cleaning, the sharpness of the blades. So here are a few of our favorite Vollrath Prep Tools to save time and space in your kitchen.



Slice, dice, wedge and core up to five times faster than by hand. Whether you need to prepare crunchy apples, tasty onions, juicy tomatoes or something else, the Insta Cut 5.0 will improve the efficiency of your kitchen. The sharp blades will cut in one quick stroke without causing bruising or waste, and pop in and out for easy cleaning. The high-quality design and simple operation ensure delicious results every time.



From mozzarella to cheddar and Muenster to Swiss, the CubeKing cheese cutter by Vollrath helps you create appetizing cheese cubes, sticks or small blocks. The simple design and one-stroke operation offer speed, precision and ease of use. Strong wires make smooth, consistent cuts every time, ensuring high-quality results your guests are sure to love.

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Keep Your Kitchen Organized with Cambro Containers

Published June 02, 2022

In New York City restaurants, every square inch of the kitchen constitutes valuable real estate that should be utilized wisely. And the best way to maximize space is to practice good storage habits with specific containers earmarked for particular products.

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How to Pair Your Cocktails with the Right Glass

Published May 05, 2022

There are countless types of cocktail glasses. Between the different shapes, designs, colors, and textures, there is a beautiful cocktail glass for every bar or restaurant. But how do you choose which glasses to use for your cocktails? Below, we’ve outlined the glassware that works best for each creation.

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Hop To Easter Brunch In NYC

Published April 08, 2022

Brunch has become a rite of passage in New York—it’s as if everyone who steps foot in the city is required to find their favorite brunch spot, no matter how crowded.

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Vollrath® Kitchen Essentials

Published April 01, 2022 in Featured

Whether you’re new to the New York City restaurant scene or you're a seasoned executive chef with Michelin stars, having the right kitchen essentials is key to your eatery’s success. 

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Building A More Energy Efficient Kitchen

Published March 18, 2022 in Featured

For decades, New York City restaurants have been on an all-encompassing mission to solve their own private energy crisis. Coupled with a severe lack of space in their kitchens, loss of energy seriously hampers a restaurant’s ability to prepare and serve food in a way that doesn’t burn their bottom line. 

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Show Some Love For NYC Restaurants on Valentine’s Day

Published February 09, 2022

It’s Valentine’s Day in New York City. And we’re thrilled to announce that reservations in NYC restaurants are quickly filling up. While last year was all about to-go Valentine’s meals, this time around we’re focusing on New York City eateries that are setting the table for true romance in their dining rooms. 

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