Featured Designs


This new restaurant, specializing in fresh pastas, was designed for Michelin Star-holding Chef Missy Robbins and is part of the massive redevelopment of the Domino Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn, NY.

The design team at Sam Tell was thrilled to work with such an accomplished chef to design a kitchen that is completely exposed to the dining room and supports efficient collaboration between a large staff to provide the level of food quality and service that guests will be able to expect.

Omni Louisville Hotel

The Omni Louisville Hotel, in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky, was a project that Sam Tell was eager to take on. But the design and installation of the three major kitchens of this luxury hotel, including the popular Bob’s Steak and Chop House, were only the start.

From the Library Bar to The Water Company poolside cafe, Sam Tell designed and built every foodservice operation in this hotel to meet the demands of hundreds of guests and visitors, day or night, as they enjoy their stay.

Marea Logo


Overlooking New York City’s iconic Central Park, Marea is a Michelin Star Italian restaurant renowned for its seafood.

Executive Chef Michael White required a kitchen specifically designed for the preparation of the fresh fish and seafood that earn his restaurant its reputation.

Sam Tell is proud to have been able to design a space in which Chef White can create his award-winning cuisine.

Michael Jordan’s Steak House Logo

Michael Jordan’s Steak House

Located within the Mohegan Sun Casino Resort in Connecticut, Michael Jordan’s Steak House was a project that we were eager to take on. Between the prestige of the resort and the fame of its namesake, Sam Tell was thrilled to have been chosen to design a kitchen that would help its chefs delight their guests.

As a popular dinner spot at a major resort, Michael Jordan’s Steak House needed a kitchen that could not only give chefs the tools to prepare excellent meals but also keep up with the high traffic of the dining room. The result was an efficient and cohesive facility that we like to call the Michael Jordan of kitchens.

Chilten Firehouse Logo

Chiltern Firehouse

The restaurant of the Chiltern Firehouse Hotel in London is among our favorite design projects. The restaurant’s location across the Atlantic from our headquarters presented an exciting opportunity to demonstrate our ability to create bespoke designs for our clients wherever they are. Located in one of London’s oldest firehouses, the kitchen of the Chiltern Firehouse needed to be designed to allow its executive chef, Michelin Star-holding Nuno Mendes, to serve the quality of food expected of a luxury hotel without negatively impacting the integrity of the 130 year old building.