First Call! The Guide To NYC Bar Essentials

Published October 21, 2021

Much like an artist or scientist, a New York City bartenders must be equipped with the proper tools of the trade in order to create magical concoctions in a clean, safe, and efficient manner. 

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Stock Up for Soup Season with Paderno

Published October 06, 2021

It’s soup season baby! And you’re going to make a lot of it, so you’re going to want high-quality pots that will last. After speaking with over 20 chefs last month who are prepping for the winter season, we know which cookware you need for soups, stews, and sauces and we highly recommend Paderno Grand Gourmet. Here are 3 reasons why:

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Innovative Food Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

Published September 28, 2021

Every single foodservice operation needs food storage containers. After decades of supplying foodservice operations and restaurant kitchens, we highly recommend Carlisle®. Here are 3 Carlisle®containers (NSF listed & dishwasher safe) that will help you avoid sticky situations and keep your restaurant kitchen in high gear:

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Where To Begin With Warewashing Racks

Published September 13, 2021 in Featured

Opening a restaurant is an exciting process. There is nothing more fun than designing your tabletop; picking out the perfect glassware, china, and flatware to tell your story. But while tabletop selections are some of the most important decisions made during an opening, we often notice that our customers forget about an even more important piece of the plan: the storage and care of those supplies. 

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How A Combi Oven Expands Small Kitchens

Published August 25, 2021 in Featured

While busy is on the way back to the restaurant industry, a commercial combi oven can help your eatery today by expanding the capabilities of smaller NYC restaurant kitchens. 

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A Refreshing Look At Sanitary Practices

Published August 24, 2021 in Featured

With the rise of the Delta variant, many restaurant owners and operators are feeling déjà vu. We know you’ve been through this before, but with cool weather around the corner and more diners seeking the indoors as a refuge from the elements, we could all use a refresher on sanitary practices. Here are three ways to promote safety and sanitation in your dining establishment:

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Late Summer Restaurant Surge

Published August 12, 2021 in Featured

Restaurants are back, baby! We’ve never been more excited to dine out—and in our opinion, there’s no better time to get out of the house and try a new restaurant than August. Luckily, there’s no shortage of new and reopening establishments lining the streets of New York City.

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New York City Will Require Proof of Vaccination to Dine Indoors

Published August 04, 2021 in Featured

Mayor de Blasio announced earlier this week that New York City will require proof of vaccination to enter all restaurants, fitness centers, and entertainment venues. In his announcement, the mayor also strongly advised individuals to to wear masks inside public facilities to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant.

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NYC Restaurant Week Set To Raise The Summer Temp

Published July 16, 2021 in Featured

Our restaurant industry’s current summer is already a far cry from last year’s lost season. Not only is outdoor dining still going strong, but indoor dining is back on the front burner—and now, right on schedule, New York City’s Summer 2021 Restaurant Week returns this Monday.

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Sam Tell’s Jourdan Roca Delivers Service Department Insight

Published June 24, 2021 in Featured

When you’re tasked with stocking a restaurant with equipment, you likely find yourself walking the fine line between extravagance and thriftiness. You want your kitchen to be stocked with the absolute best equipment, but you also want to save cash wherever possible. 

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