Stock Up for Soup Season with Paderno

Prepare your soups, stews, and sauces with high-quality cookware.

October 06, 2021     2 minute read

It’s soup season baby! And you’re going to make a lot of it, so you’re going to want high-quality pots that will last. After speaking with over 20 chefs last month who are prepping for the winter season, we know which cookware you need for soups, stews, and sauces and we highly recommend Paderno Grand Gourmet. Here are 3 reasons why:


1. Steel Quality

18/10 stainless steel means Paderno Grand Gourmet pots are less likely to rust than those 18/0 or 18/8 pots with lower percentages of nickel. Cooking with lower quality pots means you will have to upgrade your pots more frequently as rusty pots are unsafe to cook with. The inner and outer satin polish not only protects Grand Gourmet pots from corrosion, but it creates a clean, modern appearance that is easy to maintain. Not to mention, the mirror-finish along the edges adds a sexy touch.


2. Ergonomic stay-cool handles

The last thing you need is a pot with handles that are scorching when you touch them. The Grand Gourmet ergonomic stay-cool handles enable you to cook comfortably and stay in control. 


3. Heat Conductivity

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Grand Gourmet is the speed at which your soups, stews, and sauces heat up. The stock pot is ideal for making soup as the equal lengths of its diameter and height limit evaporation. The thermo-radiant tri-metal bottom offers the best conductivity around. Moreover, the pots are induction ready. Not only can you make amazing tasting soups and stews, but you can also make them fast - we know every second counts in the kitchen.


Get Prepared For Winter!

The last thing you want is to be caught with hearty dishes in the winter and unreliable cookware. If you’re thinking about new pots or pans, contact a Sam Tell rep today!

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