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Keep Your Kitchen Organized with Cambro Containers

It's hard for us at Sam Tell to contain our excitement about all the incredible food storage options within NYC restaurants!

June 02, 2022     2 minute read

In New York City restaurants, every square inch of the kitchen constitutes valuable real estate that should be utilized wisely. And the best way to maximize space is to practice good storage habits with specific containers earmarked for particular products.

We love enlightening our clients about our favorite manufacturers—and that includes Cambro, a restaurant supplier specializing in commercial food storage containers. But before making a purchase, it’s crucial to know which type of container is appropriate for different foods. Let’s take a closer look at Cambro’s lineup of containers, each one a valuable asset in NYC restaurants.

Why You Should Use Different Containers for Certain Products

Each type of food container is designed for a specific purpose—some are ideal for mixing ingredients, others increase your space usage, while others can withstand a range of temperatures. And while picking and choosing containers based on need is all well and good, it makes more sense to stock up on an array of containers to suit needs as they arise. 

Square Storage Containers

Cambro’s durable Camwear® CamSquare Food Storage ensures freshness while helping you make use of all of your kitchen space. Store these square containers in dry storage or walk-ins and increase space usage by more than 30 percent. The crystal-clear design easy-to-read graduations makes it a breeze to see what exactly it is you’re storing, while the containers themselves are virtually unbreakable.

4 square containers

Square Containers at a Glance:

  • Maximize storage space
  • Store more product
  • Perfect for soup stock, stew, sliced vegetables

Round Storage Containers

Chefs and other food preparation professionals need to have a good stock of round containers to mix ingredients and store liquids. And the larger the round container, the more product you can prepare at one time. This makes having a variety of sizes in stock crucial for New York City restaurants of all sizes. Camwear® Round Food Storage containers share many of the same attributes of the square variety, including clear design, easy-to-read number graduations, and a nearly indestructible construction.

2 round containers

Round Containers at a Glance:

  • Faster cooling times
  • Minimize food waste
  • Ideal for stirring soups, stocks, and sauces

Food Boxes

Cross contamination is a costly danger in the foodservice industry, with unwanted incidents dealing untimely economical pain in the form of temporary shutdowns, penalties, or worse. Reliable food boxes eliminate the hazard of cross contamination between your receiving department and the kitchen, by forming a strong barrier between different elements in the industry. Cambro’s Poly Food Storage Boxes are easily stacked in both dry storage and walk-ins, with handles allowing for easy portability. 

4 circle containers

Food Boxes at a Glance:

  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Highly durable 
  • Resistant to impact, chemical, and stain damage

Connect with your Sam Tell sales rep to stock up on food storage containers!

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