Why We Love Camshelving Universal Storage Racks

The Camshelving® Universal Storage Rack is an accessory that offers a new level of organization never available to commercial kitchens until now

November 14, 2023     3 minute read

Maintaining order in your storage areas is essential to avoid  sticky situations. A cluttered back of house can significantly slow down your operations, so it's crucial to keep everything organized in one designated area. Not only should you isolate your storage space, but you should also ensure that your storage racks provide easy access to shelves and ingredients for your team, without any hindrances. To achieve this, the Camshelving Universal Storage Racks offer the ideal solution for customizable storage. Let's explore three compelling reasons why incorporating them into your space is a game-changer.


Highly Customizable

The Camshelving Universal Storage Racks are compatible with every Camshelving® Series: Premium, Elements and Basics Plus. You can store food pans, sheet pans, dough boxes and food boxes, and have the ability to adjust each panel to fit your menu’s changing needs. Unlike standard shelves where you may have to store containers that stack on top of each other, these racks let you store different containers next to each other, transforming ordinary food pans and food boxes into drawers. This drawer format also means you can easily access containers without having to disrupt other containers on the shelf. Each panel is designed with 7 rails spaced 2” apart and is able to hold the following:

  • 2" or 4" deep Full-Size Food Pans with Flat Lids: 4 Pans
  • 3" or 6" deep Half-Size Food Boxes with Lids: 2 boxes
  • 3" deep Half-Size Food Boxes without Lids: 4 Boxes
  • 18" x 26" Sheet Pans or Trays: 7 Pans
  • 3" deep Pizza Dough Boxes: 4 Boxes

For assistance choosing your Camshelving® configuration, check out the Camshelving® Universal Storage Rack Buying Guide.


Easy Cleaning

You can rest easy knowing that the Camshelving ultra is suitable for use in high heat commercial dishwashers. It has received certification from NSF International, a reputable organization that evaluates products for their cleanliness and sanitation. Look out for the Cambro StaySafe mark, which signifies that the product is designed to promote hygiene and cleanliness.


Durable and Rust-Free

The Camshelving ultra is not only versatile and customizable, but it is also incredibly durable. The unit can hold 30 lbs. maximum per rail set, and 120 lbs. maximum per panel. Another feature is its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, making it the perfect storage solution for walk-in refrigerators. The rails of the Camshelving ultra are designed to be safe for containers with temperatures ranging from a frigid -40˚F to a scorching 350˚F. By being able to safely store your containers in a walk-in refrigerator, you can maximize the efficiency of your kitchen space. You no longer have to worry about finding alternative storage solutions for temperature-sensitive items. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces the risk of food spoilage and waste.


How to Assemble and Install the Camshelving Universal Storage Rack


Maintain Order in Your Back of House

Whether you need to store food pans, sheet pans, or pizza dough boxes, the Camshelving ultra offers the ultimate customizable solution. Its temperature tolerance, durability, and easy cleanup make it an indispensable tool for maintaining an organized and efficient storage space. Say goodbye to disorder and embrace the reliability and versatility of the Camshelving ultra in your kitchen.


Build The Perfect Back of House with Sam Tell

If you're eager to craft the ultimate back of house backbone, your dedicated Sam Tell project manager is prepared to offer their expertise. Reach out to your Sam Tell sales representative today and embark on the journey towards a well-oiled foodservice operation.

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