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A Refreshing Look At Sanitary Practices

Sam Tell helps restaurants keep customers safe with cleaning supplies and other essentials.

August 24, 2021     2 minute read

With the rise of the Delta variant, many restaurant owners and operators are feeling déjà vu. We know you’ve been through this before, but with cool weather around the corner and more diners seeking the indoors as a refuge from the elements, we could all use a refresher on sanitary practices. Here are three ways to promote safety and sanitation in your dining establishment:

Sanitize All Surfaces  

Barrier Coaster

We recommend your staff wipe tables down with sanitizing spray or sanitizing wipes before and after every meal. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in foodservice knows that no customer wants to sit down and find grease, sauce, or food scraps on the table—but these days, keeping these surfaces clean is about both appearances and safety. The same can be said for bar areas, which should be wiped down constantly, as these are high traffic areas where customers have a tendency to rest their hands on the bar and spill drinks from time to time. Disinfecting tabletops and bars kills viruses and bacteria. 

To that end, we’re proud to announce special pricing for janitorial supplies like Clorox, Windex, and many other brands in bulk.

Place Barriers Between Parties

Portable Restaurant Partition

The most effective way to keep your customers feeling safe, happy, and in the mood to visit your establishment is by separating them in in-house settings. With “maintain social distance” signs in many public facilities and New York restaurants, your customers know they should safely distance themselves from others. We’ve found that many customers want restaurants to explicitly enforce these rules. This means separating tables and reducing capacity, while placing barriers between tables. These actions make a huge impact, especially if space is limited, because investing in barriers reduces the chances of customers having negative interactions with one another. 

Both American Metalcraft and Vollrath boast barriers that are both highly effective and sleek.

Make Sure Customers See The Signs

image001-1If you run a fine dining establishment in New York City, we encourage you to invest in signposts that remind customers to maintain a safe distance. Displaying proper metal or plastic signs ensure your restaurant has an image that’s professional, cautious, and invested in safety.

Stay safe out there and remember that health is wealth!

Sam Tell Has All Your Supplies

Contact your Sam Tell sales rep today to stock up on sanitizers, barriers, and signs!

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