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How A Combi Oven Expands Small Kitchens

A commercial combi oven gives restaurant crews the power of a high-capacity kitchen—perfect for tight NYC locations.

August 25, 2021     4 minute read

While busy is on the way back to the restaurant industry, a commercial combi oven can help your eatery today by expanding the capabilities of smaller NYC restaurant kitchens. 

As indoor dining restrictions continue to ease, restaurants will begin to see higher and higher volumes of customers hungry for a dining experience that doesn’t take place on the couch. Of course, there will still be plenty of patrons looking for takeout and delivery—and when those two customer groups come together, your kitchens will see an increased demand for greater output. 

However, perhaps more relevant to your kitchen right now, is the need to do more cooking without the ability to expand the actual footprint of your restaurant. If you run a restaurant in the city or anywhere else, chances are you try everyday to solve space issues in the kitchen. Combi ovens are the perfect solution because these commercial appliances can replace multiple heavy duty kitchen supplies. 

Not only that, efficiency and cost savings are at a premium in the restaurant industry, perhaps now more than ever. Combi ovens lend a competitive advantage and support your kitchen staff, who may soon be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, by the way. 

A combi oven is a three-in-one commercial oven that allows chefs to cook with steam, hot air (convection) or a combination of both. As an alternative to using a separate steamer or convection oven, a combi can be used to replace both appliances. This saves time, space, and money when it comes to professional food preparation.




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Combi Oven Cooking Options

Steam Oven Cooking

Here, water gets injected into the combi oven. Ideal for cooking ingredients that would otherwise be individually boiled or steamed. This is particularly useful in cooking fish, a delicate ingredient that conventional ovens often shrink or break down. Vegetables also improve in a combi steamer, holding onto more natural color and nutritional value than when boiled.

Convection Cooking

Selecting this method sees dry heat circulated around the oven, for a cooking process similar to most domestic ovens. This is perhaps the most widely used cooking method, able to finish a wide range of food like bread or pizza, along with the ability to sear meats at high temperatures. 

Combination Cooking

Sometimes, high-volume cooking demands the best of both worlds. This is the function that truly sets combi ovens apart, with both dry heat and steam used together, allowing you to cook at a higher temperature for less time without losing any moisture. Great for stewing or braising foods, with meats and veggies finishing tender and juicy, with the browning you typically only get from convection ovens.

Restaurant Benefits 

Restaurants that implement a combi oven see multiple day-to-day benefits such as increasing efficiency and decreasing cost, promoting consistency, and inspiring quality. 


Combi ovens are multi-function with a range of versatile features. Besides cooking with dry heat and steam, combi ovens can take on the workload of fryers, griddles, chargrills, convection ovens, steamers, sous vide appliances, and more. 


Combi ovens are ideal for both large and small spaces, and it allows you to cook one dish for many people or small portions of different dishes all at once.

Cost Saving

With an energy efficient engine, combi ovens cook faster than conventional ovens. This can contribute to lower energy costs. Not only that, the combination cooking option keeps food from drying out or shrinking, ensuring you get the full value out of every ounce of food. 

Staff Support

Restaurant kitchens thrive on consistency. A combi oven allows chefs to create high-quality food with a consistency that customers crave. These units can also be preprogrammed to ensure your most popular dishes never change, even when the staff does. 

Combi Oven Sizes

The size of your kitchen ultimately determines the size of any commercial appliance, and it’s no different for combi ovens. There are three sizes to choose from.

  • Mini
    These are ideal for packed kitchens, as they can easily squeeze into tight spaces. Typically, mini combi ovens have no more than six shelves with room for three to five pans.
  • Tabletop
    A step up from the mini, these work wonders for quick service restaurants and food trucks. Here, you’ll find six to 12 shelves for half-size sheet pans and full-size hotel pans. 
  • Floor Model
    Large, high-volume kitchens preparing a lot of product at high-quality standards demand the floor model combi. Common floor model combi ovens have at least 20 shelves for 20 full-size sheet pans or 40 hotel pans.


When customers come back, they will come back in droves. Combi ovens can help your kitchen staff get ready for the high-volume return of full-capacity indoor dining, while maintaining continued output of delivery and takeout. 

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