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Sam Tell's Exclusive Scoop: Your Bite of NYC's Culinary Buzz!

The latest Sam Tell Newsletter delivers the most delectable stories from the New York restaurant scene.

January 29, 2024     4 minute read

Hey foodies and Sam Tell customers! Get ready for a whirlwind tour of NYC's hottest culinary news in our latest roundup. We're shining a spotlight on the standout contenders at the 2024 James Beard Awards and serving up the tastiest bites from Winter Restaurant Week. Plus, cheers to Sailor, our star customer, for their rave review in TimeOut. Stay informed about NYC's new tipping law shaking up the delivery world, and don't miss the scoop on Taylor Swift's favorite Sam Tell dining spots. Dive into the best of New York's dining scene, all in one place! Check out our full feast of stories below!

Exquisite dishes from Fox Face Natural

Credit  Jonah Rosenberg, Grub Street

The Culinary Oscars Unveiled: 2024 James Beard Awards Nominees

Straight from Grub Street, the James Beard Foundation has just rolled out the red carpet for its 2024 awards, and NYC's culinary scene is dazzling with talent! Meet the city's top contenders: Bryan Chunton and Pei Wei from Zaab Zaab and Zaab Zaab Talay, vying for Outstanding Restaurateur. Watch out for Superiority Burger as it sizzles in the Outstanding Restaurant category. Don't miss the thrilling race for Emerging Chef with Fariyal Abdullahi of Hav & Mar. And the spotlight on the Best New Restaurant shines on Foxface Natural, Tatiana, and Foul Witch—the city's hottest dining destinations of 2023! Mark your calendars for the finalist reveal on April 3 and the grand ceremony on June 10 in Chicago. It's a culinary showdown not to be missed!


A dish from Bar Boulud

Credit  Eater NY

NYC’s Tastiest Time of the Year: Winter Restaurant Week 2024

Get ready, foodies! Eater reports that Winter Restaurant Week 2024 is here, serving up a delicious array of classics and exciting new eateries. Running until February 4, dive into specially crafted lunch and dinner deals at more than 600 participating restaurants—up from 550 last year. Just remember, book ahead, and note the exclusions on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays. It's a culinary adventure across NYC you won't want to miss!


Inside look at Sailor restaurant

Credit  Nicole Franzen

Sailor Sets Sail: A Four-Star Gastronomic Voyage in Fort Greene

Sailor, a charming neighborhood bistro in Fort Greene and a proud Sam Tell customer, has docked a four-star review from TimeOut! Their signature chicken, beginning its flavorful journey a day prior to serving, is the talk of the town. Blending warmth with a subtle nautical chic, Sailor offers a menu that circumnavigates the ordinary—from the city's most popular chicken to exquisite sweetbread, smoked pork shoulder, and roast coulotte steak. And let's not forget the terrific cocktails, wine, and beer. Find this culinary treasure at 228 DeKalb Ave. and embark on a dining experience that's simply shipshape!


Food delivery man on a bike during winter

Credit  Eater NY

Tip the Scale: Navigating NYC’s New Tipping Law for Delivery Drivers

Attention NYC, we’ve got more news from Eater! A new tipping law is steering the course for delivery drivers. With a groundbreaking minimum wage hike to $17.96 an hour, delivery work in the city has hit new heights. But how does this affect your tipping habits? Should you stick with the $5 or 20 percent rule, or adjust your gratuities? This new law, a victory for drivers' earnings, raises important questions for consumers. Dive into the details and understand the best ways to tip in the city that never sleeps!


Taylor Swift signing autographs for fans.

The Swift Effect: Taylor Swift's Favorite NYC Eateries from Sam Tell

It's official—Taylor Swift loves Sam Tell's taste in NYC dining! Whether you're a Swiftie or just a fan of fantastic food, get ready to explore the city's dining scene with a Taylor twist. We've got a list of Sam Tell customer restaurants that have hosted the pop sensation herself. Each spot is paired with a Swift tune that perfectly complements your dining experience. Join us on this Swift-approved culinary tour and taste the flavors that have captivated one of pop's biggest stars!

If you’ve got the need, we’ve got the supplies. Contact your Sam Tell sales rep today!

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