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Maximize Your Storage Space With Camshelving

Sam Tell supplies commercial kitchens with Cambro® Camshelving®, rust and corrosion-free shelving units that will last you a lifetime.

October 28, 2021     2 minute read

Whether you’re expanding your Back of House, replacing shelves, or opening a new restaurant, you need to invest in a food storage shelving solution that will last. After witnessing hundreds of openings for over sixty years, one of the most common mistakes restaurants make is quickly ordering a cheap shelf without thinking about the long-term repercussions. Regardless of how cramped your New York restaurant kitchen may be, we are highly confident in Cambro® Camshelving. Here’s why:


Shelve Anywhere

With strong composite materials able to withstand temperatures from -36 – 190 degrees Fahrenheit and organizational tools that help your staff identify and access food easily, you’re able to make your coolers and freezers much less hectic.


Mobile units enable you to wheel your entire rack to any part of your kitchen. If you decide you want one section of your food items to live somewhere else, just wheel them over! Not sure how to configure your back of house? Contact us and we’ll give you some pro tips.


Convert Unusable Space

The units are designed to be interconnected without compromising weight-bearing capacity. You can fill unusable space with corner units, U-Shape units, and T-shape units, with corner connectors.


Impress Your Health Inspectors

Camshelving is backed by a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. In addition, the entire shelving system is unaffected by harsh chemicals and salt water. Instead of panicking when the health inspectors arrive, get ready to show off.


Easy Assemble and Adjust

When investing in a shelving system, you don’t want shelves that are a pain in the ass to assemble. Camshelving units come with preassembled frames to speed up installation and each shelf can be easily and independently adjusted. The only tools you need are a rubber mallet and a level!


Don't Overlook Your Shelves! 

There may be other shelves that will support your needs for some time, but if properly used, Camshelving will keep your back of house operating smoothly for years. Speak with a Sam Tell rep to invest in the long run. 


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