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Configure Your Prep Sink with Perlick's New Back Bar Solution

Create the perfect back bar with the Perlick Flex Mount Leg Kit with Perlick Quick Clamp Legs.

June 06, 2023     2 minute read

As experts in kitchen and bar design, we understand the challenges that come with working around existing infrastructure to bring your kitchen and bar visions to life. From un-level floors to inconveniently located drains and pipes, the list of obstacles seems endless. However, we are thrilled to introduce Perlick's latest innovation, the Flex Mount Leg Kit, which is set to transform the way we approach these challenges.


The Flex Mount Leg Kit is a patent-pending design that offers a toolless, easily movable leg attachment solution. With this innovative kit, you can now move the legs on your sink to accommodate any hurdle you may encounter during the design process.


Easy Installation and Customization

One of the standout features of this kit is its simplicity. Installing the Flex Mount Leg Kit requires no specialized tools, making it a hassle-free addition to your design project. By providing added space beneath the equipment, the kit offers customizable options for plumbing without compromising on design aesthetics.


Enhancing Back-Bar Design Efficiency

For bar owners and designers alike, the Flex Mount Leg Kit is a game changer. It eliminates concerns about infrastructure restrictions and allows for the creation of efficient bars. With the ability to easily adjust the sink's legs, you can optimize the workflow, ensuring smooth operations and maximizing space utilization behind the bar.


See the Innovation in Action

To witness the ease and versatility of the Perlick Flex Mount Leg Kit firsthand, we encourage you to check out the video they have created. This video showcases just how simple and effortless it is to use this new kit, providing a visual demonstration of the possibilities it unlocks for your back-bar design.


At Sam Tell, we are always on the lookout for innovative solutions that enhance the restaurant and bar design process. Perlick's Flex Mount Leg Kit is an exciting addition to our toolkit, addressing the challenges posed by existing infrastructure. With this revolutionary design, you can overcome hurdles such as un-level floors, inconveniently located drains, and more. Embrace the possibilities and create efficient, functional, and visually stunning bars without compromising on design.


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