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Churchill China's Spring Collection Reflects Restaurant Dinnerware Trends

Dinnerware manufacturer Churchill China's spring collection incorporates the timeless beauty of earthen tones and patterns, providing restaurant owners a wide selection of ways to elevate the dining experience with memorable style and distinction.

April 03, 2019     1 minute read

Spring is the season of new beginnings for many things, including restaurant dinnerware. Renowned tabletop products manufacturer and distributor Churchill China, one of our most popular vendors, recently launched its stunning spring collection—transporting the beauty and textures of the natural realm onto restaurant tables, everywhere.

Churchill’s latest collection mirrors a growing trend within the restaurant business away from traditional, plain dinnerware toward table items with personality. The company's remarkable capability to satisfy the ever-evolving tastes and cravings of restaurant patrons is part of what has enabled it to remain a leading name in dinnerware for more than 220 years.

Outside inspiration.

One of Churchill China's most exciting new lines is the seashore-inspired Isla collection.

Replete with designs, textures and colors reflective of the English coastline, plates, bowls, cups, saucers and more feature ridged rim embossments reminiscent of a pebbled beach, with shades available in Shale Grey and Ocean Blue.

Such distinctive characteristics make this the perfect dinnerware for seaside hotel or restaurant dining rooms, as well as any other establishments striving to foster a sophisticated and airy ambiance.

Churchill embraces the rich beauty of the natural world within other collections, as well.

The Stone line of its Studio Prints collection, for example, incorporates the earthen hues and patterns of rocks and gems—inspired, states Churchill's official description, "by the traditional process of hand carving ceramics from natural stone.” Available colors include Agate Grey, Quartz Black and Zircon Brown.

These compilations are but two of the latest additions to the impressive Churchill China catalog infusing natural motifs. Bamboo and Patina are another pair.

Character is king.

Churchill’s brilliant creations represent a larger trend in restaurant dinnerware, one emphasizing character and individuality.

For decades, the simple, white dinner plate has dominated the foodservice scene. While still popular, this traditional standard is being forced to make room for the rising preference of dishes celebrating memorable variety.

Such personality in dinnerware serves as yet another component of how restaurant owners can delight customers via style, aesthetics and functionality.

Sam Tell is proud to carry such a highly regarded name in dinnerware. Contact us today to explore our Churchill China offerings, and much more.

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